In this article, I am going to explain how and why you should be checking how other marketers are writing product reviews about the products that you have also decided to promote. You will learn how to beat your competition, what to check for, and how you can become the go-to resource for any product or range of products, that you are promoting on your website, so people will come to your website for that information instead of your competitor’s website.

After you have made your list of the top features and you have found relevant videos and images that you can include you can now check other people’s reviews. Not to steal their content or copy them but to check in case you have missed anything that you deem important, out. Check all the top reviews for that a product, even if you have to check the top twenty or thirty reviews, then that is how you are going to collect the information that you need to produce the best review on the internet.

Another reason is to see how much content that your competition has written about this product. Read through the review and see if they have left anything important out. You can check all of this from the list that you have made regarding what people are saying about the product, read the earlier chapter regarding listing all the features. If they have missed anything out then, of course, you want to include that in your own review.

So check for anything that you have left out, anything that they have left out, and how much content they have written about the product.

Your goal is to make a better job at writing the review, be it the amount of information, the depth, the size of the content, fill in any information gaps so you become the go-to resource for anyone needing any information about that product.

When I say better I mean better by a mile. If they have written about the top ten features you write about the top twenty features, if they have included a free e-book to go along with the review you include a free e-book and a how-to video course. You have to make the review stand out by a mile and you can do that easily by offering a better experience for the user with more in-depth information, less advertising on your site, better content, and so on. I hope you are getting the idea?