Earning money online has got most of the attraction when everything is either getting shutting down or lockdown because of the world’s current situation. There could be two reasons why someone would go earning money online: he/she has lost the job and wants something of their own now, or they want some extra cash along with their daily job.  

There are many ways of making money online, and I will be listing some of them for you to get an overview of how you can have extra cash with your office job. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Making Money with a Blog

Blogs are a way to express your view or someone else’s views on anything. The blog and the articles in them depend on what you feel more important to you. If your blog has the right content and the right topics, it might hit the jackpot, and soon you will be earning money through it.

However, you must keep in my mind, if you want to keep earning through it, your vision must be broad, and the quality and consistency of content must be maintained to get your site ranked in a good position. You can earn through the blog either by selling any product or course or through paid advertisements.

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing and creating an affiliate website has become quite common these days as it is an easy task to sell products and earn commissions through it.

You will have to create a website, get hooked with a company to sell their products through your website, and in return, you will get some commission out of every sale.

Remember, this is a slow process, and the earning is not that high, but if it gets started, the money-making process remains consistent.

Build an eCommerce Website

The eCommerce websites have become quite popular as building one without any coding brought many people to this section of earning money online.

You can create a website and select different kinds of product which you want to sell online. The niche of your product and the audience you are targeting will ensure your business’s success, and you can easily earn a good amount through it.

Digital Course

If you are a teacher or some instructor or have skills in any sector, digital courses are your way to earn money online. The process is simple: you will have to record your lectures in the form of a video or audio and sell it on the internet to different digital course websites.

Moreover, you can even build your own learning website and can upload all of your courses there where people can come and buy your courses like partnership to success by John Thornhill.

Online Surveys

These are some of the easiest ways to earn money as they do not require much effort. You can register on different websites that offer surveys, such as InboxPounds, OnePoll, Toluna, LifePoints, Branded Surveys, etc.

The surveys are of a different kind, from learning new things to getting feedback on products and services. The payment from these surveys is not very high; however, if you cover up many surveys, you will be able to make some money to cover up the grocery of your house.

Review Websites and Apps

If you love sitting on a laptop and doing random browsing, why not do some real earning work and review the websites you would have otherwise visited for free. This platform offers money, depending on the number of reviews you give on the websites and apps.

Freelance Jobs/Writings

Freelancing from your home is one of the best ways to earn money by using your skills of any kind. If you are a developer, you can build sites and apps for anyone around the world.

If you a writer, you can write anything from a simple article to a novel. Similarly, if you are a designer, you can design anything for the customers coming to you for your skills.

Online Investment

Investing money online is the latest trend that the market and the people follow to get their funds double and triple in days while sitting at home.

However, before you go for such a way to earn, it all depends on luck. So be careful when you think about investing online in digital currency.

Become a Virtual Assistant/Employee

Anybody who has better communication skills can perform this job. You can hook up with a company that is in need of a virtual assistant to manage certain tasks that do not require an office place.

This way, you will be able to earn money while sitting in your home and the plus point in this kind of work is the flexible schedule.

Making and Selling Podcasts

If you have the talent to speak and have some nice thoughts about many things, the podcasts are the best solution that you can avail of to upload and earn.

It will be slow at the start, but it will gradually get the pace as you start getting the audience. You can do both things here; you can keep some of the podcasts for free, and while some listeners will have to pay.

Translation and Interpretation work

Suppose you have a good command of your mother tongue along with any other language. In that case, you can easily work as a translator for any website to translate different articles and videos for them.

You can get paid either per word or per article. Moreover, in this way, you will get to know more about things.


This is one of the trends which has gained popularity in recent years. In this, you can create your page on the internet at some shopping website, where you can upload all of your products.

Technically these are not your products; these are the products of some other company that will pay you the commission on selling these products. You do not have to worry about keeping track of the inventory or worrying about the shipment process. You will get your commission on the sale of every item even when you are sleeping.