Hi everyone,

I left school at 16 as I knew what type of career I wanted to do which was join the Army. Before I pursued that I started a job
in a machine shop which I enjoy at the time.

I then joined the Army 1kosb which was all I ever wanted to do but unfortunately I got Diabetes and was given a medical discharge.
After a few months of coming to terms with the news I moved away and started my own cleaning company which I done for many years
and really enjoyed.
While running my own business I also took up marital arts which included kung Fu and Taekwondo. I was able to gain my certificate
for teaching Taekwondo.

After having some family problems I moved back to my home town to settle down. I then met my wife to be. Not long after we got
our first dog together, he is a black GSD and just a bundle of joy to the both of us and always keeps us busy.

I have only been scratching the surface in online marketing for the past few years now in till I came across Partnership To Success.
I am hoping by following theses step I can create some success for myself and partner.